To write is to design with words, with letters. Which is what brand philosophers do. They translate the brand design into words. Brand designers generally can only express themselves through lines and vectors… and colors of course!

Sometimes brand designers dislike brand philosophers: “Too much talk, but not enough doing.” But a Brand is not only design, it is also literature, product and strategy. A car at a standstill is only an object. A car with a destiny, goal and timing is a car with a purpose, meaningful.





For years and years, since I began working in creativity and design, I have tried to find the perfect idea, the one that leads to the perfect, unflawed, and untamed design. The one that comes out of sheer inspiration. That idea that did not resemble to anything that had not been done before. The perfect idea. I have been an idealist, and I still am in a way, since I’m still devoted to ideas. Until one day, when a random encounter opened my eyes.

I was traveling by myself on a train going from an exotic small town in the malaysian countryside to Kuala Lumpur. For some reason, my local seat companion and I started talking. He spoke of his job buying and selling clothes. He would buy in other countries shirts and trousers, and sell them in Kuala Lumpur wholesale. For a moment it seemed as he was trying to convince me to buy some jeans, but he was just chit-chatting.

So, I tried to explain to him my job as a designer and creative person. He was really surprised and thought I was really lucky. According to my new friend, it was god that was expressing himself through me what made me a designer. It was then, when the agnostic inside me woke up. In vain, I explained the man that it was just a job. “It has nothing to do with god or with a mysterious muse,” I told him, “you get creative through experience and work.” He looked at me with astonishment as we continued to discuss. Without much thought, it was the first time, that I could explain how to get to the perfect idea. Or at least how to get close to it.

After many years of looking the wrong way, that one smily man unintentionally opened my eyes. We became such good friends in the short journey that he showed me a photo of his wife and daughter. When I had no pictures to show, he was surprised that at my age I was still single, but that is a story for another post.

Over the years, I’ve realized that there is no design “from scratch”, rather, you need a departure point for it to work. A departure point and a destination. Where do you want to go, and from where, and what are your tools and which ones can you use. All of it is experience to look for trails of ideas, chasing them down through the forests of your brain. Chasing the elusive prey.

This is what I have been doing these past 10 or so years.