There was once an American sergeant, who every morning would hand-wash his socks and tend them on a rope wherever he was outposted. When a reporter asked him if he was afraid to die in battle, he answered: “Not at all, you know, I’m going to live forever, I have socks to wash”.

Inspired by the tale, I decided to start doing something every day. I found washing the socks too elaborate, so I tried to think of something I already do everyday. Everyday I get up, shower, piss, shit, eat, drink, brush my teeth, have a cup of coffee … Why not do something with coffee?

So I decided to post on the Instagram network a picture of the coffee that I drink every day with the hashtag #dailycoffee. The only requirements are that it is really the coffee I’m going to drink, that every day is different and that requires some elaboration.

In so doing, I achieve several things:

– Use Instagram, the perfect platform for this project, trying to understand why it is used so much and if it can give me visibility as creative.

– Force me to think about what picture to shoot each day, a daily creative challenge to keep the brain moving, developing all the creativity I can about just one thing.

– Not to make a video of “a man has taken a picture of his daily coffee for 12 years.” No, I dont’ want to trivialize the daily effort, in order to do a 60 second video that gives me 15 minutes of fame. When I decide not to make any more pictures, it will be over. It is an exercise to develop creativity, not ego.

– And last, to live forever, because I have something to do the next day.

PS: At first, I thought I was not going be able to continue with my photos pass the first week, but to have a bit of brain stimulation every day, for me, is incentive enough to keep doing it. Having the creative habit.