My #dailycoffee project lasted 190 days. 190 pictures of the coffee I drink everyday. Here, a few ones that I find interesting:

Frequently asked questions:

– What do you think about this experience?

I wasn’t surprised. It was just as I though. Some days I did not know what to shoot or I was traveling, but always managed to photograph a different coffee scene.

– Did you enjoyed it then?

Yes. It was my 5 min fun moment of the day.

Why did you stop #dailycoffee?

It was a bunch of things. Mainly I had diarrhea (caused by food poisoning) and could not drink coffee for a few days. Then I felt that I would cheat if I started posting coffees again.

– Oh my god! Are you OK?

Yeah, pretty fine thanks.

– So.. that means you are not going to live forever?

No. I have something else to do everyday, look at her eyes when I wake up.